BookMatchClub wants to make your life easier.

Here’s how we’re starting. And we’re always open to suggestions!

Powerful Author Dashboard

See at a glance what landing pages and books are being looked at and downloaded. Quickly add new books and great looking pages in seconds with our automated builders.

Video On Pages

Delivery page (for free downloads and list-building), Thank You pages, Landing pages (for web presence), Sales pages (for driving affiliate traffic)…any pages, really, can have video on them. Use that amazing (and expensive) book trailer or better yet, create a custom to-camera thank you video to better engage with your readers.

Audiobook Distribution

Audiobooks are the fastest growing delivery method for books. Use BookMatchClub to get your audio onto the devices of readers.

Layout Control

Choose font face, color and size for your pages. Edit the text, button properties…you get the idea. It’s your page, put in your personality. We’ll make sure it looks great on all devices.

Custom Web Address

Choose your own subdomain and page slug – too techy? Ok, how’s this? You can have https://your-name.bookmatchclub.com/your-book-title as a URL.

Loads more features coming! We’re just getting started!